Fortnightly Bulletin 8th November 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,


We hope all is well with you this fortnight. Our news is as follows:


  • Creative Rathangan Workshop: Ms. Ryan’s Third Class and Ms. McIntyre’s Third Class are taking part today in a workshop entitled ‘Creative Rathangan’. The workshop will be facilitated by local artist Monica de Bath and local ecologist/historian, Michael Jacob. The children are working in both Tannery Park and the library and will observe, imagine, draw, build and assemble a 3D Creature over the course of the day. We hope they enjoy this wonderful opportunity.


  • Science Week: Next week we will celebrate Science Week with lots of Science activities taking place in all classes. An Environmental Science Roadshow – Secret Life, fully funded by the Parents’ Association, will take place in the hall on Monday 19th November.  The title of the roadshow is’The Secret Life of Woodland Habitats’ and all classes will attend.


  • Christmas Shoe Box Appeal: A reminder to all those who wish to participate in the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal: Shoe boxes must be brought into the school tomorrow ONLY. They will be collected from the school tomorrow.


  • Oral Language: For the month of November, our whole-school Oral Language is Giving and Following Directions. All classes will be engaged in activities based around helping the children to competently give and follow directions. This is something that you can quite easily work on at home with your child(ren). It is only through school and home working closely together that we can achieve the very best outcome for your child(ren).


  • Our Spooky Walk: Well done to all children and parents who put in such a fabulous effort in transforming themselves for our Spooky Walk on the Thursday before midterm. We thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and were delighted to see so many of you out along our route to greet us. Photographs of the event can be viewed at I would also like to thank you for your generosity on the day. €216.50 was raised.


  • Christmas cards: All children received proofs of their Christmas cards today. If you wish to purchase a pack(s), please fill out the order form and return it with the appropriate sum of money in an envelope marked with your daughter’s name to the school next Thursday 15th November only. If there are any mistakes in the spelling of your daughter’s name on the card, please correct them on the form. The sale of the Christmas Cards is an annual fundraiser organised by the Parents’ Association. All the proceeds of the sale of the cards go towards the cost of swimming for next year’s Fourth and Fifth Class pupils. The more money that is raised through the sale of the Christmas cards, the cheaper swimming is for families next year. Your support as always is greatly appreciated.


  • County Photos: All pupils will recieve the proofs of their photographs on Monday 12th November. Purchase is optional, but if you wish to purchase, the envelopes should be returned to the school on Wednesday 21st only, as they will be collected by County Photos on this day.


  • Parent-Teacher Meetings: Parent-Teacher Meetings will take next Thursday, 23rd November. This is an ideal opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss her progress. All parents have been given a ten-minute timeslot to meet with their daughter’s class teacher. As it would not be possible for each teacher to meet with all parents on one evening, you may have been given a time on a different evening. If you are unable to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting, please inform your child’s teacher. If your daughter has a different teacher for maths, her class teacher will provide you with feedback on her progress in maths. If there are any concerns, her maths teacher will arrange a separate appointment time with you. If you wish to meet with your daughter’s maths teacher, please phone the school to arrange an appointment time.


  • Green Schools:  This year we are in the second year of our Global Citizenship – Marine Environment campaign. We are working towards our 9th green flag. This year’s committee is busy raising awareness of the different issues that affect our oceans. Thanks to all of the parents who watched the programme about the scourge of plastic in our seas. One of the things we learned about is the damage caused by single-use plastics – plastics such as straws, forks and bottles, that we use once and then discard.

As one of their green school actions, this year’s committee has launched the ‘Bunscoil Bhríde Lunchbox Challenge’. It’s a challenge to reduce single-use plastics in our lunchboxes.


On one Friday in October, the children counted the number of single-use, plastic items - plastic wrappings, bottles and utensils - being discarded into the recycling bins in school. They counted 232 pieces of plastic that would only be used once. At this rate, in our school, the students will use and discard over 1,150 pieces of plastic per week. We really want to reduce this figure. Using our lunchbox challenge are going to try really hard to bring it down. Can we please encourage everyone to reduce the amount of ‘individually wrapped’ items, items wrapped in plastic, cartons with straws and other single-use plastics that we bring to school in lunch boxes. Can we all try to please use reusable, airtight containers and bottles instead.


We will conduct another ‘lunchbox challenge’ plastic count later in the year and hope we’ll count far fewer pieces. Say NO to single-use plastic - Convenience is killing our oceans.


Please watch this space in our newsletter as we will have suggestions and reminders throughout the year of other ways we can help our oceans and continue to maintain our other green school work.


This years green school committee members for 2018/2019 are:

Hollie Kelly, Agnieszkia Owczarek, Cara Maher, Kate Flood, Katie Behan, Molly Kelly,


Annabelle Shanahan Harris, Carley Ledwith, Lily Mullaniff, Teegan Walsh, Charley Dillon,  Ella O’ Rourke, Siobhan O’ Loughlin, Mae Fitzgerald, Isabelle Page, Saoirse Maloney, Katie O’ Neill, Sarah Russell, Mia McDonnell, Emily Conlan, Keira McConnon, Mischa Conroy, Emma Flood, Olivia Kluczynska.


Evelyn Kelly (Parent) Lisa Donnelly (Parent)

Olive Conroy (Parent) Natasha Martin. (Parent)

Daphne Justin (Parent) Elizabeth Birch. (Tidy Town Committee)


Kind regards,

Rós O’ Sullivan



Parents Association.

We would like to invite you to our Parents’ Association Open Night on Friday 9th November at 7pm.


Bag Pack

We are holding a Bag Pack in Dunnes Stores, Newbridge on Friday December 21st.

We need plenty of volunteers for such a busy shopping day. 

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