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Fortnightly Bulletin 15th October 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope all is well with you this fortnight. Our news is as follows:

New arrival and departure times: As we have all adapted so well to our Covid Plan and settled so well
into our new school routines, we have become more competent at getting into school and out in a fast,
efficient and safe way. It is now, therefore, possible for us to shorten our arrival window from 30 minutes
to 20 minutes. This allows for more teaching time in the school day. The following changes will come into
effect from directly after midterm break, on Monday 2nd November.
Please be advised that from Monday 2nd November, school will finish for Cohort 1 at 2.20pm and for
Cohort 2 at 2.30pm. The following changes will come into effect in relation to drop-off times:

Arrival window Category of Parents
8.40am – 8.50am Parents with one child only who is in Cohort 1
8.45am – 8.55am Parents / childminders dropping off two or more
children who belong to both Cohort 1 and Cohort 2
8.50am – 9.00am Parents with one child only who is in Cohort 2
Parents / childminders with two or more children all from Cohort 1 can drop off between 8.40am and
Parents / childminders with two or more children all from Cohort 2 can drop off between 8.45am and
We are asking for your continued cooperation and support in adhering to these drop-off and collection
times for the health and safety of all.

Maths Week: Maths Week is taking place nationally this week and all classes in the school are engaged in
different mathematical activities to mark it. We would ask that you support us at home by playing Maths
games with your child and pointing out to her the ways in which maths can be found and is used all around
us. See for some ideas.

Parents’ Association Christmas Card Fundraiser: Reminder: tomorrow is the final day to place your
order for Christmas Cards. Orders can be placed by completing the order form (on the card template) and
returning to the school tomorrow. Payment must be made online via Aladdin e-payments. Unfortunately,
we cannot accept cash.

Uniform: Please ensure your daughter is wearing the correct school uniform. Please note that full uniform
(for 2nd – 6th classes) consists of the navy crested school jumper, blue shirt and navy trousers / skirt /
pinafore. Leggings should not be worn in place of trousers. Children in 2nd to 6th class should only wear
their school tracksuit on PE days; Tuesdays and Thursdays. Full uniform should be worn on all other days.
Hair that is long enough to be tied up should be tied up at school, and for health and safety reasons, only
stud ear-rings should be worn at school.

Friendship Week: Friendship Week is being celebrated in the school on the week directly following
midterm break (Monday 2nd to Friday 6th November). The emphasis for the week will be on creating and
extending friendship, with the motto ‘to have a friend, you have to be a friend’. Children in all classes are
being encouraged to make new friends within their classes, with lots of fun activities taking place.

Creative Rathangan workshop: Ms. Coughlan’s and Mr. O’Sullivan’s Third and Fourth Classes will be
taking part in a workshop entitled ‘Creative Rathangan’ on Wednesday 4th November. The workshop will
be facilitated by local artist Monica de Bath and local ecologist/historian, Michael Jacob. The children will
be working in both Tannery Park and the library and will observe, imagine, draw, build and assemble a 3D
Creature over the course of the day. We hope they enjoy this wonderful opportunity. All activities on the
day will follow our Covid Plan.

Junior Infant Photographs for newspaper: I am delighted to announce that our fabulous Junior Infants
girls are featured in this week’s ‘Leinster Leader’, issue date 13th October.

First Holy Communion: Massive congratulations to the girls of Third Class, who received the sacrament
of First Holy Communion on Saturday 3rd October. They not only looked beautiful, but were excellent in
the recitation of their prayers, and while it was a day that was long-awaited, we hope it was a very special
and memorable one for each of them. A big thank you to their teachers, Ms. Gorman, Ms. Coughlan and
Ms. Rowley (from last year), who prepared them so well and to Fr. Bill for making this sacrament so very
special for the girls.

Christmas Shoe-Box Appeal: This is usually the time of year that we send home the Team Hope –
Christmas Shoebox Appeal leaflets to families. The Christmas Shoebox Appeal is an annual campaign
sending gift-filled shoeboxes from Ireland to children affected by poverty across Africa and Eastern
Europe. This year, due to Covid-19, the Shoebox Appeal is moving online. If you wish to donate, please

Head Bumps: It is our school policy to phone home when a child bumps her head, however minor.

Christmas Annuals: All children today received order slips for Christmas Annuals. If you wish to order a
Christmas Annual for your daughter (optional), please complete the slip and pay via the e-payment link
that will be sent to all parents on Monday next. Completed order slips must be returned to the school by
Friday next, 23rd October and payment must also be made by this date. Payment must be made via the epayment link.

Dangers of the Internet: While the internet is a wonderful resource, I would like to remind you that it can
also pose many dangers to your child. While the school has safeguards in place with regard to pupil
internet/website access at school, use outside school falls under parental responsibility. Children should
never be allowed access to the internet at home without supervision.

Potential loss of teacher: I am still awaiting the results of our appeal against the loss of a teacher in our
school, which is due to occur on Friday next, 23rd October. I have written to all local political
representatives, as well as the Minister for Education, An Taoiseach and An Táiniste and hope that the loss
of a much-needed teacher will not be inflicted upon our school in the midst of a pandemic, as we work so
hard to keep our school safe and to keep it open. I will keep you updated as I receive further information.

Spooky Non Uniform Day: Usually as part of our Active School activities the children and teachers go
on an annual ‘Spooky Walk’ through the town. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we will not be able to
engage in the Spooky Walk this year, but will instead have lots of fun at school in our Halloween
costumes on Friday 23rd October. While the children will be dressing up on Friday 23rd, no masks / props /
items should be brought to school. The children will need to wear warm clothes.

Midterm Break: Bunscoil Bhríde will close for the midterm break on Friday 23rd October and will reopen
on Monday November 2nd.

We trust everyone will enjoy a well-deserved break after such a busy halfterm.

Kind regards,
Maria Rogerson