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Fortnightly Bulletin 18th March 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope all is well with you this fortnight. Our news is as follows:

Return to School: As you know, all of our remaining classes returned to school on Monday,
bringing our school to full capacity. It was so wonderful to welcome back all of the senior girls
and to have our whole school together again. I want to thank you all for your cooperation in
facilitating our safe return to school. In order to keep our whole school community safe and to
ensure that we are able to keep the school open, we ask that you do not send your child to
school, should she be displaying any of the symptoms of Covid or feeling any way unwell. Your
child should not be in school if anyone in your household is awaiting a Covid test or test results.
We are appealing to you all to adhere to the Covid Level 5 restrictions. There should be no play
dates or mixing outside of school. If we all adhere to these guidelines, this will reduce the risk of
the spread of infection to our staff, pupils, our families and the wider school community. For
further information from the Department of Education on the return to school, please visit

Dealing with a Positive Covid Case: We continue to rely on our wonderful parent body to keep
us informed, and I ask that you continue to let me know immediately (in confidence) once you
become aware of a positive case in your household. While we have been very fortunate to date,
with no cases of Covid-19 in our school, we will, no doubt, like other schools, encounter a
positive case in our school in the coming months. If and when we do, we will deal with it swiftly
and effectively, following all HSE guidelines and ensuring the confidentiality of all involved. To
assist you, I have attached an up-to-date Quick Isolation Guide from the HSE, which I ask you to
keep somewhere safe and consult with when required.

Rock Your Socks World Down Syndrome Day: World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is
celebrated annually on the 21 March. It is a global awareness day which has been officially
observed by the United Nations since 2012. The date for WDSD being the 21st day of the 3rd
month. People with Down syndrome are born with an extra copy, a 3rd chromosome 21. This
year we will help to raise funds for Down Syndrome Ireland, by taking part in ‘Rock your
Socks’ Day on Monday next, 22nd March, and are asking that all children wear
mismatched socks on the day to represent the celebration of difference. We are also
asking that families, where possible make a donation to Down Syndrome Ireland through the
following link;
This facebook page has been set up to raise funds for Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI). Harvey,
who is pupil in Rathangan Boys’ School and a brother of one of our own pupils has been running
5km over the course of this week to raise funds for DSI. We would be really grateful of any
donation you could make through this link to mark our Rock your Socks Day. All funds raised will
go to Down Syndrome Ireland.

School Drop off and Collection: We are asking that all parents wear a mask when dropping off
/ collecting children at the school gate. Please avoid contact / congregation with other parents at
this time. If you need to have a meeting /quick chat with either myself or one of the teachers,
please phone the office so that this can be arranged via phone / Zoom. No parents / visitors are
allowed access to the school during this time. We would ask you not to approach the main
school door. Please phone the office from the yard / gate if you wish to collect a child early / drop
off something to the school. We ask that this is only done in exceptional circumstances.

Return to School Declarations: I want to thank you all for your cooperation in completing the
Return to School Declarations on the Aladdin app. Please be advised that this declaration will
need to be completed every time you wish your daughter to return to school following any
absence (even one school day). The declaration can only be filled out after 3pm on the day your
child is marked absent, and it should only be completed on the evening before or morning of the
return to school. All pupils will need to have the Return to School Declaration completed
directly before returning to school after the Easter holidays i.e. after 3pm on Sunday 11th

Home learning: We are aware that there will be periods this year during which you will have to
keep your daughter at home e.g. while awaiting test results / self-isolating / restricting
movements etc. To ensure she can continue with her learning at home, the teachers will
continue the practice of sending fortnightly learning objectives for each of the curricular areas to
parents via Seesaw or Google Classroom (depending on the platform your daughter’s class is

Active Schools Parents Survey: As a whole school we have been working very hard towards
achieving our third active flag and as part of our application we want to get parents’ views of your
daughter’s experience of P.E. We would be very grateful if you could take two minutes to click on
the link below and answer the questions.

Maths Easter Egg Hunt: Our annual Bunscoil Bhríde Maths Easter Egg Hunt is taking place
this week and next, with all classes getting the opportunity to take part. Children, in teams, have
to use their orienteering skills to find and solve maths clues and puzzles around the school
grounds. There are lots of Easter goodies up for grabs, so a fun-filled hunt is guaranteed!

School Calendar for 2021/22 school year: Please see our school website for next year’s school calendar. A copy of it has also been included with
this message.

Stay Safe: Senior Infants, Second Class, Fourth Class and Sixth Class will begin the
Stay Safe directly after the Easter holidays and will continue with the programme over the
following weeks. I would like to remind you again about the importance of discussing the
issues covered in class with your child at home. The lessons covered over the course of
the programme are as follows: Feeling Safe and Unsafe, Bullying, Touches, Secrets and
Telling and Strangers. More information about the programme can be obtained on the

Relationships and Sexuality Education (R.S.E.): R.S.E. lessons will begin in Junior
Infants, First Class, Third Class, Fifth Class and Sixth Class directly after the Easter
holidays. (Sixth Class will begin RSE lessons once they have completed the Stay Safe
programme.) You will all receive a letter next week detailing the content to be covered
with your child’s class and it would be very helpful if you could discuss what is being
learnt at school with your daughter(s) at home. Please feel free to contact the school with
any queries you may have.

Easter Holidays: The school will close for Easter holidays on Friday 26th March at 11.45a.m.
(for Cohort 1) and 11.55a.m. (for Cohort 2). The slightly earlier times for our half-day closure are
to facilitate parents who may have to pick-up children from the Boys’ School. We wish everybody
a happy and holy Easter. School will re-open on Monday 12th April.

Kind regards,

Maria Rogerson