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Fortnightly Bulletin 19th November 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope all is well with you this fortnight. Our news is as follows:

Creative Rathangan workshop: Ms. Coughlan’s Third and Fourth Class and Mr. O’Sullivan’s
Fourth Class will be taking part in a workshop entitled ‘Creative Rathangan’ next Wednesday, 25th
November. The workshop will be facilitated by local artist Monica de Bath and local
ecologist/historian, Michael Jacob. While in normal times, the children would have been working
in both Tannery Park and the library, this year, due to Covid, the workshop will be taking place in
the school via Zoom. The children will be investigating, examining and sketching mini-beasts that
they will find in the school yard. We hope they enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

Credit Union Art Competition: We are pleased to announce that we have a large number of
winners in the Rathangan area Credit Union Art competition. We have taken first place in all of
the age categories. Well done to Kayla O’Rourke from Ms. McEvoy’s class, Belfi Tchica
Kazimire from Ms. De Faoite’s class and Siobhán O’Loughlin from Ms. Ruttledge’s class. Their
entries now go on to be judged at the next level of the competition and we wish the three girls the
very best of luck. Our runner-up prize-winners were Emma Nolan (Ms. Millane’s class), Louisa
Goggins (Ms. Coughlan’s class), Ava Spellman (Ms. Gorman’s class), Izzie Clarke (Ms.
Ruttledge’s class) and Heidi Beary (Ms. De Faoite’s class). Prizes from Rathangan Credit Union
will shortly be presented to the girls.

Oral Language: For the month of November, our whole-school Oral Language theme is Giving
and Following Directions. All classes will be engaged in activities based around helping the
children to competently give and follow directions. This is something that you can quite easily
work on at home with your child(ren). It is only through school and home working closely
together that we can achieve the very best outcome for your child(ren).

Parking: Our car-park is a busy place and we would ask you to exercise extreme caution upon entry
and to adhere to our car-parking rules (outlined in the diagram attached to this email). We would
appeal to parents and anyone who drops children to school or collects them, not to park in the yellow
box, in the wheelchair parking spaces, between the wheelchair parking spaces or alongside the
school wall. Parking is in a single row alongside the Noone Engineering wall and in three rows
along the middle white lines ONLY. Driving around the church is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Coats and Hoodies / fleeces for schoolbag: Please ensure your child comes to school wearing a
coat. At this stage of the year, all children should have a hoodie / fleece in their school-bag, which
they can put on over their school uniform in the classroom on days on which it is cold. As was
explained in a previous Bulletin, we are required to keep windows open to allow for ventilation in
the classrooms. These hoodies / fleeces are not substitutes for the school uniform jumper, nor are
they substitutes for a coat. They will only be worn over the uniform in the classroom on days your
daughter feels cold in class. Please rest assured that our heating is on all day and it is rare that the
classrooms are cold, even with the windows open.

Communication: If you wish to speak with your daughter’s teacher, please phone Catríona in the
office to arrange for him / her to phone you back. This is the only way to communicate with your
daughter’s teacher. Please do not communicate with your daughter’s teacher via his/her
school email address. Teachers’ school emails were used during the lockdown only, when it was
not possible to phone the school. If you wish to speak with me, please phone the school or email

Clean Air Week: National Clean Air Week runs from Monday 23rd November to Friday 27th
November. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and to take action to reduce air pollution
at the school gate. Nitrogen oxides (nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide – NO2) are pollutants that
are emitted when petrol or diesel is burned in internal combustion engines (cars/buses). Nitrogen
oxides have a negative impact on our health with 1 in 5 children experiencing asthma at some stage.
The main source of NO2 in Ireland is from road transport. We are asking all of you, our families to
pledge to #BeatAirPollution by asking – is there a ‘clean air’ alternative to making this journey by
car? Can I walk or cycle? We are hoping to increase active travel such as walking, cycling or
scooting to school. We hope that you will join us in our campaign.

Bicycles: We love to see children cycling/scooting to school. There is a bicycle rack at the main
door of the school and another to the rear of the school available for the parking of bicycles/scooting.
As bicycles are parked here at the owners’ risk, we strongly advise that they are locked while parked.

Kind regards,

Maria Rogerson