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Fortnightly Bulletin 5th November 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope all is well with you this fortnight. Our news is as follows:

Bluebells Room: I am delighted to announce that the building work on our new Bluebells
Classroom is complete. The pupils of the Bluebells class, along with their teacher, Ms. Rowley
and SNA, Laura will be moving into their new classroom tomorrow. It is a fabulous facility,
complete with a sensory room, quiet room, office space and wet room. We wish the class the very
best of luck in their beautiful new room.

Change of staff: I regret to inform you that one of our teachers, Ms. Smeaton has resigned her
position in the school to take up a teaching post in a school nearer to her home. Ms. Smeaton has
worked in Bunscoil Bhríde for the past four years and will be greatly missed by pupils, parents
and staff. I wish to take this opportunity to thank her for all of her hard work and dedication
during her time with us and wish her the best of luck in her new position.
I am delighted to welcome Ms. Michaela Donegan to the staff. Ms. Donegan has taken up Ms.
Smeaton’s position as Special Education Teacher and we warmly welcome her onto the Bunscoil
Bhríde team.

Friendship Week: Friendship Week is being celebrated in the school this week. The emphasis
for the week in all classes is on creating and extending friendship, with the motto ‘to have a
friend, you have to be a friend’. Children in all classes are being encouraged to make new friends
within their classes, with lots of fun activities taking place.

Science Week: Science Week will take place next week and we look forward to celebrating it
here in the school with lots of science activities taking place in all classes. All classes have signed
up to take part in a different virtual science show throughout the week and we look forward to
hearing of all of the new learning and discoveries. Photographs of Science Week will be available
to view on our website

Parent-Teacher Meetings: Parent-Teacher Meetings will take place over the next three weeks.
This is an ideal opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss her progress. As you
will be aware the booking has opened for PT meeting time slots. I would like to thank those of
you who have already booked your ten-minute timeslot and would ask all parents who have yet to
do this, to please click in to the Aladdin app and select ‘Parent Teacher Meetings’ to book their
time. Please ensure that you are available to take the call at your selected time and that you have a
quiet space in which to speak with your child’s teacher, out of ear-shot of your child.

Creative Rathangan: Ms. Coughlan’s 3rd and 4th class and Mr. O’Sullivan’s 4th class were due to
take part in ‘Creative Rathangan’; a cultural and art workshop facilitated by Monica de Bath and
Michael Jacob yesterday. Unfortunately, due to the Level 5 restrictions, this workshop had to be
cancelled and will now take place virtually over the next two weeks on a date to be confirmed.

Oral Language: For the month of November, our whole-school Oral Language theme is Giving
and Following Directions. All classes will be engaged in activities based around helping the
children to competently give and follow directions. This is something that you can quite easily
work on at home with your child(ren). It is only through school and home working closely
together that we can achieve the very best outcome for your child(ren).

Junior Infant photographs: All pupils received the proofs of their photographs from County
Photos on the week before midterm. Purchase is optional, but if you wish to purchase, you can do
so online on the County Photos website – all instructions are contained in the pouch with the proof
your daughter received.

Active Breaks Every Day Challenge: Here at Bunscoil Bhríde we are undertaking this 4-week
challenge as we strive towards achieving our third Active School Flag. It is designed to motivate
all of the Bunscoil Bhríde community to build movement breaks into their daily routine. Keep an
eye on the school website for some photos of our activities over the next few weeks.

IT equipment for remote learning: I would like to thank all parents for taking the time to
complete our Digital Learning survey. I would also like to thank the parents who donated IT
equipment to our school. We now have a small number of devices available for use at home by
children who may have to self-isolate during the year and who do not have access to their own
device at home. If your child falls into this category at any stage during the year (i.e. if she has to
self-isolate due to being a confirmed case, a close contact, waiting on a test etc. and will be
engaging in home learning) and you do not have a device for her to use at home, please phone the
office and, where possible, we will arrange collection / delivery of a device for the duration of her
period of home learning.

Books: It’s that time of year when many of you may be thinking of purchasing books as
Christmas presents. When books are purchased from Scholastic (, your
child’s school earns free books. When you shop, if you enter ‘Bunscoil Bhríde’ as your child’s
school, we receive 20% of your spend in credit towards the purchase of books for our school.

Kind regards,
Maria Rogerson