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Pea Planting – Update!

This term, we had expert gardener Paddy Madden in with us to help us develop our green-thumb skills! We had a master-class with Paddy early on & he explained to us how to plant pea seeds using eco-friendly pots (old toilet roll tubes!). We learned about the different parts of a seed as it is planted from when it starts to sprout & grow. We planted our seeds & kept them warm & watered in the classroom for a few weeks.

Then we got to plant them into the school garden! We were amazed to see the roots & shoots of the seeds as we re-planted them in the garden. Although the weather has not been good to us, we recently weeded our garden plot & saw that our pea plants had started to climb the wig-wam frame. We look forward to harvesting our peas later in the year!