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St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

January 22, 2024 #

Some of the girls from 5th and 6th class came in to us today to help us make St. Brigid’s Day Crosses.

Our Snowmen

December 12, 2023 #

We made snowmen out of clay and painted them. We used ribbon for their scarves and we think they turned out great!

Our Norman Castles

December 6, 2023 #

We were learning about the Normans in Ireland during the month of November. We really enjoyed building our own Norman Castles.

Seeing Sound

November 14, 2023 #

We made a lot of noise in the classroom today using musical instruments. The noise we created made the rice on the cling film move. This is because sound is created by vibrations. These vibrations travel through the air as a sound wave, causig the rice to move.

Happy Halloween

October 27, 2023 #

We had a spook-tacular day today!

Bluebell’s Day

October 26, 2023 #

We wore blue for Bluebell’s Day. We really enjoyed our coffee morning and sharing our treats.

Creative Rathangan

October 13, 2023 #

3rd class had a great time taking part in ‘Creative Rathangan – Beyond the Classroom’ today. We drew trees and searched for minibeasts in Tannery Park. We then went to Rathangan library where we drew our minibeasts using oil pastels and then made them out of play dough.


October 10, 2023 #

We have been learning all about trees in Ireland this month in science. We went for a ‘tree walk’ around our school and observed all the beautiful trees. We identified the trees by looking at the shape of the leaves and their fruit, and discussed whether it was evergreen or deciduous. We also did bark rubbings.


September 27, 2023 #

We had a very busy month. We learned about the counties of Ireland in geography, the story of the Salmon of Knowledge in history and all about the three states of matter in science. We also painted self portraits in art and wrote acrostic poems about ourselves.

Our Bubble Experiment

September 21, 2023 #

We had great fun making our own bubbles as part of our experiment in science.