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Ms. Rowley’s Bluebells Class

Happy Halloween!- We had great fun on our annual spooky walk on Wednesday 23rd of October. Here are some pictures of our cool costumes. We wish you all a happy and healthy Halloween break :) Oíche Shamhna shona!

Crazy Carrots!!- We had super fun during Maths Week (14th- 18th October). On Friday we had a competition to see who could bring the longest carrot to school. We did lots of measuring to discover our winners!

Fun during Friendship Week!

Operation Science!- We learned about our external and internal body parts. We had great fun making some of our internal organs using playdough.

Active Artists- We were busy creating self-portraits. We tried practising drawing our features without looking and then observing our faces in a mirror before attempting to then draw our final self-portrait. They turned out fabulous and we are very proud of them!