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Friendship Week!

November 1, 2023 #

This week the girls made an extra effort to be kind to everyone in school. Each child also had a secret friend that they had to be extra kind to. They brought in a sweet treat for their secret friend on Thursday and we had a ‘coffee morning’ in the halla. Our motto for the week was “to have a friend is to be a friend.”

Maths Week 2023!

November 1, 2023 #

This week the girls were engaged in many maths activities such as maths trails, challenges, games, and maths stations. The children enjoyed working as part of a team, and using their maths eyes to answer maths challenges around the school and in the classroom. Maths week is a time to appreciate the value of maths in our daily lives and recognise that maths is everywhere.

Wellbeing Wednesday

November 1, 2023 #

The girls experienced a calming and mindful morning with Úna Curran. Úna taught the children several mindfulness techniques such as square breathing, dragon breathing, bubble breathing, as well as some yoga moves.

Bluebells Day

October 26, 2023 #

Today we celebrated Bluebells day during Friendship week. Everyone wore something blue to celebrate and we raised money for playground equipment in the Bluebells yard. All of the girls learned about our Bluebells class and about autism which they found super interesting. They visited the Bluebells classroom and sensory room which they loved. Go blue for Bluebells!

Class photo

September 11, 2023 #

Welcome to our second class blog where we will post about what the students get up to throughout the year!