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First Class School Tour 2019

On Tuesday 11th June First Class travelled to Imaginosity, Dublin Children’s Museum. The children explored the different areas that are set up to encourage discovery. On the rooftop the children spoke to their friends on speaker tubes, looked through telescopes and even spyed on a badger sleeping! On the second floor the children read a news bulletin at the journalist desk, put a play on in the theatre and became rock stars. They also knocked down and rebuilt walls in the construction zone. Their favourite part of the second floor was exploring the climber… spotting the funky magic mirrors and locating secret hideouts! On the first and final floor the children took part in the food game race in the supermarket, raced cars on the racetracks and posted some letters in the post office. Finally, they served up a delicious feast for the adults in the diner! The trip was full of excitement and many happy memories were made.