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Junior Entrepreneur Project 2019

On Friday March 1st Ms. DeFaoite’s 5th Class and Ms. O’Halloran’s 6th Class hosted a showcase in the hall as part of the Junior Entrepreneur programme. Ms. DeFaoite’s class were selling ‘Bottle Buddies’ which are recycled plastic bottles decorated as various characters such as unicorns. The bottles are filled with soil and contain packets of seeds to allow children to grow their own plant in their own personalised bottle. Ms. O’Halloran’s 6th Class were selling ‘Light Jars’ which are recycled glass jars decorated with splashes on paint in various colour combinations and filled with fairy lights. They can be used as night lights or as decorative pieces in people’s homes. Both products were very popular amongst the pupils and teachers in the school and both classes were delighted to make a profit after all their hard work. Thanks to everyone who supported the girls.