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Science Week

We enjoyed carrying out a variety of experiments this week to mark Science Week 2021.

The Gummy Bear Experiment.

We placed some gummy bears into water and watched throughout the day what happened! We also left some gummy bears out of the water so we could compare the bears before and after! We were amazed to see that by the end of the day our bears had grown! This happened because there is a lot of sugar in the bears and the water moved from a low sugar area to a high sugar area (the bears!)

Dancing Raisins

We used a cup of water, a cup of fizzy clear soda and a handful of raisins to complete this experiment! We dropped our raisins into a cup of fizzy water and into a cup of still water and observed what happened. Slowly but surely as we observed we noticed the raisins in the fizzy water began to ‘dance’, they rose to the surface as if they were dancing! This is all to do with the bubbles of carbon dioxide collecting on the raisins at the bottom of the cup and lifting them to the surface of the drink where the burst and the raisins sink to the bottom again.

Sinking and Floating

We experimented with a number of objects to identify which ones would float and which would sink, firstly we predicted what we thought would happen and as we carried out the experiment we discussed why some objects floated and why others sank. We then used some plasticine and paper to create our own boats and we worked really hard to try and make them float, we discussed how the shape and weight of our boat would help its buoyancy.