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Ms. Garrahy’s Third Class

Friendship Week!

Friendship Week! November 1, 2023 | 76 views

This week the girls made an extra effort to be kind to everyone in school. Each child also had a […]
Maths Week 2023!

Maths Week 2023! November 1, 2023 | 75 views

This week the girls were engaged in many maths activities such as maths trails, challenges, games, and maths stations. The […]
Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday November 1, 2023 | 65 views

The girls experienced a calming and mindful morning with Úna Curran. Úna taught the children several mindfulness techniques such as […]
Bluebells Day

Bluebells Day October 26, 2023 | 93 views

Today we celebrated Bluebells day during Friendship week. Everyone wore something blue to celebrate and we raised money for playground […]
Class photo

Class photo September 11, 2023 | 154 views

Welcome to our second class blog where we will post about what the students get up to throughout the year!