Our Green Code


  1. We will put all our litter in a bin.
  2. We will reduce the amount of wrappings in our school lunches.
  3. We will reuse and recycle paper.
  4. We will collect organic materials (fruit peels, cores) for composting.
  5. We will recycle cans, plastic bottles, cardboard,   newspapers, scrap paper, stamps, batteries, mobile phones, ink-jet cartridges from our local community.
  6. We will reduce energy by turning off lights when not needed and we will keep room doors closed to conserve energy.
  7. We will switch the monitors off in computers when they are not in use.
  8. We will save water. We will turn off taps when not in use and work on water awareness.
  9. We will try to decrease air and noise pollution in our environment by travelling to school in a ‘greener’ way.
  1. We will increase our awareness of our local environment by tending to our school garden and birdwatching.
  2. We will increase our awareness of global citizenship by working on issues such as fair trade and climate change.



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