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4th Class trip to Pollardstown Fen 2019

On Thursday, the 16th of May, fourth class went on their annual field trip to Pollardstown Fen and the Curragh. They were accompanied by Nuala Madigan and all really benefited from her extensive knowledge about both interesting locations.

At the Fen, the children learned about how it came to be and took full advantage of the very interesting landscape. They successfully searched for frogs, went pond-dipping, walked along the boardwalk and made colour charts of all the colours they could find. They really enjoyed examining their creatures while pond-dipping and used detailed charts to identify the names of creatures found. 

After lunch, the girls headed for the Curragh. Here, Nuala explained to the children
how the Curragh was formed and she showed them how deep the Curragh is using a
trundle wheel. The children examined the various plants growing on the Curragh. Then everyone took part in an interesting experiment to identify which holds more water: sand or soil?
Overall, it was a really enjoyable active day and the girls learned a lot. Big thanks to
Nuala for being such an interesting and knowledgeable guide.