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Active Week 2021

All classes have been very active this week and have been having tremendous fun in the process. We have had four Sports Days over the course of two weeks. Each class had been engaged in a daily active challenge, set by different staff members and we’ve also been getting our steps up by running laps of the large yard. I want to thank Ms. Ruttledge, Ms. Ryan and Mr. O’Sullivan for all of the work they have put in, to ensure a jam-packed, super-efficiently-organised, Covid-compliant, fun-filled Active Schools Week for us all. I have to say, the buzz of excitement about the place is really heart-warming and it’s been wonderful to see the enjoyment on the faces of all of the children. Well done to all staff members, who have all been getting involved in keeping us all active and ensuring we live up to our Active School status.

We celebrated the final day of Active Week by raising our 3rd Active School Flag. Check out the video below to see some of the highlights from the week.