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Green Schools Christmas Newsletter

Green Schools Christmas Newsletter 2018

Bunscoil Bhríde

Green School Newsletter

 Thank you to all the parents and pupils who encourage recycling and taking care of the environment. Once again we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the children, parents, teachers and members of the local community on our Green Schools’ Committee.

We would like to thank our school secretary Catriona and our school caretaker Nigel for all their help. We are in our 18th year of Green School in Bunscoil Bhride and are hoping to achieve our 9th Green flag in the coming year. We have continued our work on the eight previous Green School themes and are     working on the theme Global Citizenship – Marine Environment at the  moment.  Please check the school website for Christmas competition winners and visit the Green School website for ideas to work on at home –


As the new year starts, can we encourage you to make ‘One Green Resolution’. Whether you stop using disposable cups or turn your thermostat down one degree, start a new household habit this year and help our environment.

Death by Plastic

We are littering; and that’s not good,

Stop the frittering; and use less wood,

The seabeds are covered in plastic galore.

The sealife really can’t take anymore

Would you like plastic thrown on your bedroom floor?

And for it to be there for evermore?

We must stop and stop it now.

We can because we do know how.

5.3 trillion pieces of plastic are in our seas

And I think it’s quite drastic

We need to recycle more than five percent

If we want to make a dent.

The birds think that this is food.

But sadly, it’s not and then they’re fooled.

Here are a few things you need to start stopping.

Stop using plastic straws and bottles

Use reusable bags when you go shopping

Please start listening and do your bit

Hopefully it will keep the sealife fit.

                – by Ella Kinsella, 5th Class

Going green for Christmas

Christmas, Christmas everybody cheer.

Santa Claus has just been here!

While he is completely unaware,

That there is litter everywhere!

The elves were busy on Christmas Eve,

Wrapping the gifts before Santa could leave.

He puts the gifts beneath the trees

And does it with the greatest of ease.

The children are busy on Christmas morn.

All of the paper is now shredded and torn.

How can we help the environment later?

Let’s reuse and recycle these boxes and paper.

The family used all LED lighting.

The energy saving was quite frightening.

They shine so brightly on your tree,

And they fill your heart with glee.

The family shopped online to their hearts’ content,

Until their money was almost spent

They sent an e-card, unlike tradition,

And this helped with the carbon footprint emission.

So over the years of reducing their waste,

They live on the earth – now a much better place.

They will from now on always cheer:

“It’s the Green Christmas time of year!”              

– by Kate Egan, 6th Class


A world full of plastic. Stretches like elastic!

But we can help that.

By working with the sea we make the world happy!

Plastic bottles could be the worst, but plastic containers spread a curse!

So friends and family work together and maybe our oceans will last forever!

How about we stop being bad and sea creatures won’t be sad!

Sea creatures are dying, while we’re loving life! So how about we add some spice?

We have to act fast, or our oceans won’t last!

                 – by Áine O’Loughlin, 3rd class    

Note: Plastic is in our oceans; it pollutes the sea we love.

The Danger of Plastic in our Oceans

The danger of plastic in our oceans

By using lotions and potions

Is causing our ocean to turn pink.

Do people realise the link?

Our sea animals are dying

Our birds are not flying

If we could cut back on plastic

That would be fantastic

There is something each of us can do to keep the oceans clean,

For starters by going green

Reusing and recycling are the best

The ocean will look after the rest.

                – by Romy Hegarty, 5th Class


Plastic debris in the ocean is a natural disaster, killing over 1 million marine animals   including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles and birds each year.  Currently it is estimated that there are 100 million tonnes of plastic in oceans around the world! (, 2018) Plastics, such as plastic bottles, dissolve into tiny pieces. Fish love these pieces as they are able to eat them.  Birds are dying and are unable to fly because their stomachs are full of plastic.  – by Amy Jones, 4th Class  author of ‘Ping’, the story of a sea bird.


Life was hard for chick like Ping.  There was no tasty food around, it was all just this horrible food that you can’t chew.  It was just horrible! The eight chicks had to leave their nest to get to the ocean to learn how to fly. Some chicks wouldn’t leave the nest for food because they were complaining of cramps and heaviness in their tummies.  Ping felt a little bit of soreness in his tummy but still was able to do anything he wanted to do.  This was the day they would leave the nest and nothing was stopping them.  So they all managed to leave the nest. 

As they came nearer to the ocean two chicks squeaked in pain. Ping said to himself ‘must be that horrible food’.  They got a little further but it was just too much for the two chicks; one of them was squeaking in and the other closed its eyes.  Ping and the five others started squealing but he didn’t wake up.  They knew he had just closed his eyes and would never wake up again.  The other sibling did the same, they kissed them and hugged them goodbye.  They still had to go to the ocean like they’d promised their mother.  On they went, sad but strong.  They reached the ocean.  The ocean didn’t look like what his Grandad and Nanny told him, it was full of that food!  A plastic bottle washed up to the shore; that was some of the horrible food.  One or two chicks started to go into the ocean.  One made it and started sailing through the ocean like a sail boat! 

The other made nine attempts but he just kept getting washed up, then he just said “go ahead, I’ll try later.  Ping your turn!”

Ping tried once, then twice and made it.  He made it!  He and his brother hugged in the water and squealed in joy.  Unfortunately only two more chicks made it and the others just closed their eyes. It was sad for Ping to have only three siblings left.  It was a hard life as a bird to live in this horrible, plastic world.  Soon after they found their mother and she had a present from their father; it was a fish each!  Ping looked at how tasty the fish looked – nothing like that horrible food that wasn’t even supposed to be food.  He ate the fish.  It was just out of this world, amazing; the taste was so good.

Ping said “that food must have killed my siblings!” 

Ping had a long life.  He never forgot the day he ate that fish. 

This story tells us some make it but most don’t.  We want all the chicks to make it! We can’t let them die.  If we don’t change our ways, we will kill the world.

By Amy Jones, 4th Class

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