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Running the length of the Canal

This week the Active School committee launched a new running initiative for this year.  We have decided to run the length of the Grand Canal.  While the Grand Canal begins in Dublin, we will start out from Sallins, County Kildare, and go all the way to the village of Shannon Harbour, in County Offaly, where the canal joins the River Shannon. Unfortunately we cannot actually run along the banks of the canal. We will be clocking up the kilometres in the school yard and marking our progress on a map. The distance we hope to cover is 105km (approx). Our first stage is to run from Sallins to Robertstown which is nearly 14km. Some of the junior classes have already started and are adding up their laps to make kilometres. 

We would like to recommend that all families buy a skipping rope either before or after our upcoming skipping workshop. The girls will learn new skipping skills and it would be great if they could go home and teach everybody else how to do these. Skipping is one of the best exercises that we can all do to stay fit and have fun!