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January 2024

Junior & Senior infants have been flying it since returning to school after the holidays! We spoke a lot about new year’s resolutions at the start of the year and things we would all like to improve on this year. Senior infants have been making excellent progress on our double sounds in phonics & junior infants are flying through the single sounds & it’s so exciting learning how to read!

Junior infants have also started officially doing our handwriting & it’s super to see their progress in writing words! In maths, both classes had great fun learning about 2D shapes and going on a shape hunt around the classroom – we learned that 2D shapes are everywhere in the environment. Senior infants are also making steady progress through our numbers, learning all about the story of 8 & ways to make 8. Junior infants have been having great fun combining numbers from 1-3 so far.

Our theme this month was all about Space & it was so interesting! We learned about all the planets in Space & how astronauts can travel through Space in rocket ships. We did so much work on Space through Aistear, reading stories, art & in SESE. We even had real space-suits to wear in the role-play station for Aistear!

Our new Bluebell’s playground was officially opened this month by special guest Margo Conlon, which was such a special occasion for our school community. We had great fun exploring the new playground & it is such a wonderful resource for the whole school to have & use as a special treat!