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October 2023

Junior & Senior Infants had a blast in October!

Our theme for this month was all about Autumn & Halloween. We did a ton of work all about Autumn & the girls really enjoyed learning about the changes we see in Autumn. We even did a special Autumn walk around the school grounds using our senses. For Halloween, we had great fun discussing our Halloween plans, our dressing-up ideas for our spooky walk and in Aistear we did lots of role-play on trick or treating around to different houses!

Junior infants made lots of progress with matching & sorting in maths, while senior infants did lots of counting practice & games to 20. We also started learning all about number 6. Seniors have also put in a great effort revising our sounds & blending in phonics so far. We made wonderful Autumn inspired art like leaf squirrels and finger-painted Autumn trees. We even made pumpkin-prints using fruit & vegetables just in time for Halloween & designed different pumpkin faces on each one. The classroom looks wonderful with all of the girls’ work displayed!

We celebrated Maths Week & Friendship Week in October this year. We played maths games, counting games & even did a maths hunt in pairs around our classroom using our ‘maths eyes’. For friendship week, we had lots of discussion about what friends are and how to be a good friend to others. We even made our own ‘friendship tree’ where we drew pictures of wat being a good friend looks like.

We also got to host this month’s assembly with Ms. Marrinane’s 5th & 6th class girls. There was a lot of excitement when we heard it was our turn! The girls all worked really hard to practice our song for the assembly – “The Addam’s Family”. A massive well done to the girls who had a speaking part to say – everyone was amazing!

The girls have worked extremely hard this term & everyone has settled in well. We ended this first term on such a high after the spooky walk on Friday! We are all excited for the break after such a busy few weeks!