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Our Confirmation Challenge

Written by 6th class:

This year, Bishop Denis challenged each confirmation class to bring God’s light into our community. This challenge was based on the confirmation theme ‘This Little Light of Mine’.

We decided to dedicate our time at the end of January to creating St. Brigid’s Crosses out of locally sourced rushes. We gathered the rushes and brought them into school. We paired up with different classes, teaching each other and younger children how to make them. 

Once they were finished, Fr. Bill blessed them during Catholic School Week. First, we gave some to the Parent’s Association of the school. They sold them as a fundraiser during Grandparent’s Day. Later that week, we walked to our local Day Care Centre, to realise mid-walk that Ms de Faoite forgot the crosses!!

Once we got there we sang songs such as ‘The Fields of Athenry’ and the older people joined in! We also played the tin whistle and presented them with the crosses. We later saw a sign that it was Dolores’ birthday and we sang her happy birthday! 

We walked home with happy smiles on our faces knowing that we had put our light into the community!