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Our Green Code

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Bunscoil Bhríde’s Green Rules are:

Put all the litter in the bin.
Reduce what our lunches come wrapped in.

Recycle paper – but first REUSE!
Peels and cores in compost, not refuse.

Collect stamps, batteries, phones from Rathangan.
Lights OFF! Close doors to keep the heat in.

Switch OFF electrics that aren’t in use.
Taps OFF! Save water – our planet’s juice.

TRAVEL to school in a GREENER way.
Feet, bikes and car pools every day.

Mind bugs and birds that share our school.
Trade fairly, let’s share and promote green fuel.

Save our seas! Say ‘NO!’ to plastic stuff,
Reuse plastic, one time is NOT enough!

Help save our planet every day
The Bunscoil Bhríde Green School Way!