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We Made A Wormery

As we learned about spring and had just planted our plot in the school garden we became increasingly interested in how our crops grow in the soil. We were fascinated to learn how important the worm is in supporting the growth of our plants and crops, the worm helps to keep the soil aerated and so oxygen can get into the ground to help our plants grow. The earthworm helps to keep our soil full of the nutrients it needs to make plants grow! Firstly we had to carefully collect the earthworm from our school garden, next we has to create a ‘garden’ in a pot! We used recycled clear plastic bottles so we could see how the earthworm moves in the soil and mixes up all the layers. We added layers of compost and soil before adding a final layer of old newspapers to the top of our container, we then placed the container in a dark cupboard so that the earthworm would feel as if they were underground. We observed over a number of days how the earthworm moved through the layers and mixed them up as they went.