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February 5, 2024 #

The girls in 5th class have been having great fun engaging in our gymnastics lessons over the past few weeks. Working in pairs, the girls have been exploring and practising a range of different balances and rolls, including the teddy bear roll and of course, the beloved James Bond roll. Have a peek at our girls making gymnastics look easy below!

St. Brigid Crosses

January 28, 2024 #

Over the past few weeks, the girls in 5th class have been busy working with Ms Garrahy’s 2nd class to make some beautiful St. Brigid Crosses. We have been learning about the life and work of St. Brigid, and will soon mark her 1500th anniversary with a minute silence on Febuary 1st. The girls were delighted to gift their grandparents with the beautiful crosses they made on Grandparent’s Day. Have a look at them hard at work below!

Hot Chocolate!

January 23, 2024 #

To celebrate the Christmas holidays, the girls in Ms Banks’ 5th and Ms Marrinan’s 5th and 6th got together to have some delicious hot chocolate! As well as that, they piled together all of their Christmas knowledge to participate in a Christmas quiz! Have a look at the fun below.

Parent’s Day 2023!

December 19, 2023 #

We celebrated Parent’s Day last Friday in our classroom. The girls were all so excited to show off all of their hard work since September. Each station prepared fantastic work for the parents, including science experiments, history projects and artwork! This month in PE, we have been focusing on the strand of Dance and the girls in 5th class have been busy learning how to jive! At the end of Parent’s Day, we took the parents outside and everyone taught their parents how to jive. It was a beautiful day for all. Have a look at the fun below!

Christmas Log Art

December 19, 2023 #

As a gift to their parents on Parent’s Day, the girls in 5th class made incredible Christmas Logs. Using planks of real wood, stones and lots of Christmas holly, the girls designed and made these beautiful decorative pieces. We presented them to the parents on Parent’s Day!

WWI Trenches

December 15, 2023 #

The girls in 5th class have been learning all about WWI for the past few weeks. They have created fantastic projects in their copies and applied all their new learning to create WWI trenches. They used clay, lollipop sticks and foliage to create these realistic trenches. Have a look below!

Science Fair 2023

November 22, 2023 #

To celebrate Science Week 2023, the girls in 5th class worked extremely hard to put on an incredible display of science experiments for the entire school! The cailiní in 5th class worked with Ms Marrinan’s 5th/6th and Ms DeFaoite’s 6th to write up a range of procedures, gather materials and effectly conduct a range of exciting experiments. Well done to all girls involved!

Maths Week 2023

October 24, 2023 #

The girls in 5th class had a busy week this week celebrating Maths Week. We began by preparing some of our favourite maths jokes and sharing them with the class and school. Next girls used their maths eyes and teamwork to comlete a maths trail around our school. We completed some fabulous ‘Figure Me Out’ activities, where the children had to solve the sums to figure out who was being described on the page. Finally, the girls in 5th class put in tremendous work to create interesting, fun-filled maths games from scratch, for our senior infant children. The girls created some amazing games including snakes and ladders, bingo and even maths obstacle courses. Have a look at some of our jokes and fun below!

Success for Bunscoil Bhríde’s Debaters!

October 18, 2023 #

A huge congratulations to the girls on the debate team, who were successful in proposing the motion ‘All Children in Ireland Have the Right to Access a Local Playground’. The girls showed incredible teamwork, passion and confidence during the entire debate, and were highly commended by our adjudicator. Congratulations to all involed!

National Tree Day

October 6, 2023 #

Thursday the 5th of October was National Tree Day and to mark the occasion, the 5th class girls were hard at work researching and preparing for a tree hunt with the senior infant children. Both classes went on a hunt for trees, leaves and seeds around our school. Have a look at our work below!